From Data to Visualization in a few clicks!

Business Intelligence & data visualization web-based software, based on transform SQL query results to KPI, reporting and data sources for advanced analytics tools


Make strategic decisions much easier and more reliable.

eToolbox turns structured information into real-time visualizations and metrics, published instantly, to improve decision-making at every deparment or work team, across the organization.

Real-time data visualization

eToolbox is an effective visualization tool designed to be easily quickly get the real-time kpi, reports and insights, you need for all the departments of your company.

Know your data

Know the data of your organization using visual components and explore the insight.

Share Insights

Share metrics and reports among inside your organization to make faster decisions and drive competitive advantage.

eToolbox facilitates the creation of data analysis and visualization dashboards quickly and for any device.

Build a quick overview of your company.

eToolbox’s helps to transform what data means to your business in real time. Visualize and analyze your data now. That’s eToolbox.

Explore your data.

Using data analytics components, users can explore and drill down the insights of their departments and the organization to drive to better decisions

Integrate data from any SQL source

Connect to local o remote SQL databases, and bring the power of transform your data into visualization in a centralized way.

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