Main features

SQL results to visualization.

eToolbox transforms the result of SQL queries (Views, stored procedures and queries) into KPI charts, Reports, alerts and data source of dynamic analysis components.

Real-time data visualization

eToolbox is an effective visualization tool designed to be easily quickly get the real-time kpi, reports and insights, you need for all the departments of your company.

Quick setup

Quickly set up your metrics and immediately publish your results.

Share Insights

Share metrics and reports among inside your organization to make faster decisions and drive competitive advantage.

Instant publishing.

All reports, metrics, alerts and advanced analysis components are published immediately to all users with access. If the data queries are made on transactional databases, real-time visualization is also achieved.

No need of reload datasets

eToolbox directly queries data sources, so there is no need to reload dataset to update dashboards.

Avoid dataset reload tasks

Quickly set up your metrics and immediately publish your results.

Ready to use

Keep your entire organization up to date, at all times, without the need for additional tasks.

Data connectors.

eToolbox can connect to local or remote SQL based databases, Data warehouses, API data sources, Excel files, and data files.

Multiple connections

The platform allows you to configure and use multiple connections to different data sources at the same time.

Cloud databases

eToolbox allows connection to databases in the cloud, such as azure, AWS and others.

Data Services

The platform allows you to incorporate connections to data services as an add-on.

Explore your data.

Using data analytics components, users can explore and drill down the insights of their departments and the organization to drive to better decisions

Dynamic Tables

Use PivotTable Components from SQL Queries and explore data insights.


Set up relationships between data and drill down information looking for insight.

Relationship between components

Configure data relationships between its components and achieving a deeper analysis.

Data Manager.

eToolbox can be connected to a table, with login with the necessary privileges, and create a dynamic form to search and edit its data.

Advanced configuration

The fields of the dynamic forms, can have additional configurations, and javascript programming, to extend their functionality.

Secure access

Access to data and its edition are secured by access group.

Simple apps

This functionality allows you to create simple applications, even with relationships between tables.

Alerts and notifications.

eToolbox has an alert and notification generator that allows you to proactively receive notifications based on the results of data queries when pre-defined threshold is met.

Email notification

Alert notifications are made through the browsing environment, alert dashboard and, through configuration, by email.

Attached reports

Each alert or notification can have a preconfigured report associated with it and send it as an attachment when the pre-defined threshold is met.

Scheduled Emails with reports

Alerts can be configured in such a way that they can send a pre-configured report, as an attachment, in a specified period.

Theme and personalization.

eToolbox allows you to configure the theme of the platform at a general level or by user, as well as customize the regional configuration of data formats and language.


The platform has 3 languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese) configurable both by company and by user. Other languages can be incorporated.

Regional data formatting

Regional number and date formats can be configured by company or by user.

Dark Mode

eToolbox has two themes, light or dark mode and can be configured both at a general level and by user.

Secure your data visualization.

The platform has access security, through browsing profiles, access groups and the ability to filter data by login.

Secure by user group

eToolbox provides a security scheme for access to information, through access groups. Each user can belong to one or more groups.

Access by user login

The platform has the ability to pass the user login to the data queries for filtering by user.

Access by navigation profile

The navigation of the modules of the platform is assigned by navigation profiles, allowing to create customized access to the system.

eToolbox facilitates the creation of data analysis and visualization dashboards quickly and for any device.